Thursday, 31 May 2012


White shirt from my graduate collection. Photography by Danielle Carlyle. 

Its been a chaotic, stressful, heart attack inducing few months but I am happy to finally say, my graduate collection 'Sartorial Nights' is now complete. Hallelujah! 
After dealing with tutors leaving, fabric nightmares, organising events,15hour days, photoshoots and too many all nighters, the relief of having finished is unbelievable....but I am already missing the daily stressful routine! (glutton for punishment much?)

Now I've caught up with sleep and feel like a human being again, it's back to portfolio preparation for Graduate Fashion Week in London next weekend, photoshoots, website admin and trawling through blog posts I started and never finished. 
Oh, and I might squeeze in the Jubilee and my 22nd (ugh) birthday next week. Wish me luck.