Saturday, 30 April 2011


celebrating in the sun at Formby Beach

 I know this is my third post about summer in not so many weeks but I can't help it...I handed in all of my uni work last week so my summer has officially begun! 

Have spent the last five days celebrating with a mad 'hand-in binge' as my flatmate and I have titled it involving lots of drinking, playing in the sun, piercings, eating and culminated with a quick dash home for my friends Royal Wedding bbq and party. I don't think it's really possible to avoid talking about the wedding and I'm not ashamed to admit; I watched it, I cried and I loved it. 
I have now decided, probably among with half the population that I must get married in Westminster Abbey, wearing a custom McQueen dress and zoom off in a vintage Aston Martin. Ohh..that dress. Amazing. I admire the newly titled Duchess of Cambridge for going with a British designer especially a house as modern as McQueen. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect dress for her, it reminds me of Grace Kelly's wedding dress and just had the most beautiful combination of tradition, femininity and modernity. 
Now, for a weekend of detoxing, re-watching the wedding 100times and eating my parents food before going back to uni. It's summer time. GET EXCITED.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Sky from my bedroom window last summer.

the fact that I'm three weeks away from finishing University for the year plus a few sunny days at home have left me rather excited for REAL summer...when its stays light all day, clear blue skies, lazy days in the park, eating nothing but bbq's and ice lollies, walking around bare foot, being tanned, summer dresses, floppy hats, trips to the beach, festivals and sunsets like that....bring it on.


Kate Moss for Longchamp.

This is perfection.

I want to go to Morocco and play in the sun wearing floppy hats and pretty dresses, dance around with a tambourine wearing a silk play-suit and laze around eating oranges. If this doesn't make you long for summer, nothing will. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


'Bunny Ears' by Tanya Ling as part of Vogue's 'Art in Fashion' collaboration with the Fashion Illustration Gallery.

Tanya Ling is fast becoming one of my favourite illustrators, her pieces have a fantastical mood to them and I love the beautiful colours she creates with the use of inks which also adds fluidity and movement...

See more of Ling's work as well as the other contributors here...


Inspired by my favourite photographer, Tim Walker, I have been looking at decaying flowers for the colour inspiration for my mini collection...dusky pink tulips fade into beautiful fuchsia, lavender and violet hues...