Saturday, 30 April 2011


celebrating in the sun at Formby Beach

 I know this is my third post about summer in not so many weeks but I can't help it...I handed in all of my uni work last week so my summer has officially begun! 

Have spent the last five days celebrating with a mad 'hand-in binge' as my flatmate and I have titled it involving lots of drinking, playing in the sun, piercings, eating and culminated with a quick dash home for my friends Royal Wedding bbq and party. I don't think it's really possible to avoid talking about the wedding and I'm not ashamed to admit; I watched it, I cried and I loved it. 
I have now decided, probably among with half the population that I must get married in Westminster Abbey, wearing a custom McQueen dress and zoom off in a vintage Aston Martin. Ohh..that dress. Amazing. I admire the newly titled Duchess of Cambridge for going with a British designer especially a house as modern as McQueen. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect dress for her, it reminds me of Grace Kelly's wedding dress and just had the most beautiful combination of tradition, femininity and modernity. 
Now, for a weekend of detoxing, re-watching the wedding 100times and eating my parents food before going back to uni. It's summer time. GET EXCITED.

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